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Start ups

Growth Support for Tech Start-ups

MSS provides a variety of tech start-up platforms to discover promising start-ups and improve their chance of success through speedy growth.
First, “Tech Incubator Program for Start-up (TIPS)” provides R&D and matching funds for selected start-up teams with investments from venture capitalists.
Second, “Start-up Leader Universities” offer start-ups with excellent infrastructures supported by universities.
Third, “Smart Venture Start-up Schools” support start-ups in promising knowledge-based industries such as software and content development.

A Better Start-up Environment and Stronger Foundation

MSS works with other ministries to lower taxes and ease regulations for start-ups and to develop a favorable environment for new businesses through a series of reforms.
In addition, it expands the foundation for start-ups by providing more maker-spaces and training-makers to help start-ups realize their ideas.