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MSS held the 2019 ASEAN-ROK K-Beauty Festival

Global Market Policy Coordination
Kong Yun
A festival celebrating the harmony between the Korean Wave and the beauty of ASEAN countries

o Festival participants included the First Ladies of and international students and families from ASEAN countries. At the festival, they had the chance to see demonstrations of new beauty technologies and K-Pop performances.

o The festival presented a model of shared growth between South Korea and ASEAN countries by introducing medium-sized beauty companies such as Brand K, enterprises cooperating with ASEAN countries, and win-win partnerships between both large corporations and SMEs.
The Ministry of SMEs and Startups(MSS), led by Minister Park Young-sun, opened the 2019 ASEAN-ROK K-Beauty Festival under the slogan “ASEAN Beauty, Make up Our Dreams” on November 26 at BEXCO in Busan, South Korea.

This event was held as part of the South Korean government’s efforts to foster cooperation between South Korea and ASEAN countries in the culture industry. The purpose of this cooperation is to achieve shared growth by riding the Korean Wave, which is spreading around the world, generating interest in cultural products like K-Beauty and K-Pop. The First Ladies of and students from ASEAN countries were invited to participate in this event.

The K-Beauty Festival showed the present and future of K-Beauty and so was attended by the heads of related government organizations, including Minister of SMEs and Startups Park Young-sun, Minister of Health and Welfare Park Neung-hoo, Minister of Food and Drug Safety Lee Eui Kyung, and the heads of related associations and organizations, including Vice President of the Korea Cosmetic Association Lee Myung-kyu, Chairman of the Korea Cosmetics Export Association Park Jin-young, Chairman of the International Beauty Industry Trade Association Yoon Jootaek, Chairman of the Busan Cosmetics Business Association Moon Woi Sook, President of Amorepacific Group Bae Dong-hyun, and various other K-Beauty companies.

Participants spent the day seeing K-Beauty exhibitions, checking out experience booths, and watching performances on the Dream Stage. The experience booths were divided into four zones, each with a different theme: the K-Beauty Zone, the Vibe Zone, the Harmony Zone, and the K-Beauty Experience Zone. The K-Beauty Zone exhibited beauty products made by up-and-coming SMEs, including Brand K. The Vibe Zone showcased various examples of cooperation between ASEAN countries while the Harmony Zone showcased examples of the growth made possible by cooperation between large companies and SMEs. Finally, the K-Beauty Experience Zone enabled participants to experience cutting-edge beauty technologies, such as 3D mask packs made using 3D printing technology.

 K-Beauty Festival Overview 
〮 Date: November 25–26, 2019
〮 Venue: Hall 1, Exhibition Center 1, BEXCO, Busan, South Korea
〮 Hosts : Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Ministry of Health and Welfare
〮 Organizers : Korea Foundation for Cooperation of Large & Small Business, Rural Affairs, CJENM, Amorepacific, Small & Medium Business Distribution Center
〮 Sponsors: the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Busan Metropolitan City, Amorepacific, the Korea Health Industry Development Institute, the Foundation of Korea Cosmetic Industry Institute, the Korea Cosmetic Association, the Korea Cosmetics Export Association, the International Beauty Industry Trade Association, the Busan Cosmetics Business Association
〮 Major Programs
①  K-Beauty exhibition booths: K-Beauty Zone, Vibe Zone, Harmony Zone, K-Beauty Experience Zone
1. K-Beauty demonstrations and experience programs
1.1. The participants and First Ladies had the chance to see and do the following: live broadcast of the “Get it Beauty” television show, trend exhibitions, hair and makeup demonstrations, virtual reality experiences, artificial skin and 3D mask pack exhibitions, skin evaluations based on 3D scans
1.2. The First Ladies had the exclusive opportunity to view videos made by students from ASEAN countries and attend a mini K-Pop concert
(1) K-Beauty Zone ¬– The ASEAN countries’ First Ladies showed a great deal of interest in Brand K’s products. Brand K was launched to jointly market the products of several SMEs to support their domestic and overseas market development. It currently includes products from nine companies.

* Brand K was started by the South Korean government to increase the awareness and value of SMEs’ brands by certifying their products as high-tech and having superb design and quality. By 2022, Brank K will represent nearly 300 premium products made by SMEs.

(2) Vibe Zone – The ASEAN countries’ First Ladies spent the most time in the Vibe Zone, exploring the shared growth made possible by cooperation between ASEAN countries and South Korea.

This area showed various examples of mutually beneficial growth shared between South Korea and ASEAN countries, including the development of products made from ASEAN countries’ raw materials (e.g., noni from the Philippines used by Cosmelab and peanuts from Myanmar used by Baekseol Chimhyang), free reconstructive plastic surgery support for patients from ASEAN countries (Thailand, Banobagi*), the transfer of beauty technologies (Thailand, Hansolbio**), and the establishment of a beauty academy (Vietnam, MK Universal).

At the booths in the Vibe Zone, students from ASEAN countries studying in South Korea had the opportunity to talk to the First Ladies of their respective countries who encouraged the students in their studies.

* The Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic (an affiliate of Banobagi) became famous in Thailand by providing free plastic reconstructive surgery to 19 patients.
** The mask packs made by Banobagi Ltd. containing dermatological ingredients were the second-best sellers in Watsons stores in Thailand.
** Hansolbio developed a product using Cambodia's Dipterocarpus intricatus, an ingredient that effectively whitens skin and reduces wrinkles. Hansolbio signed a profit-sharing agreement with Cambodia’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to ensure an equitable distribution of benefits with the ingredient’s country of origin. (February 2019)

(3) Harmony Zone – Amorepacific, a global K-Beauty company, exhibited its social contribution efforts in ASEAN countries, shared examples of collaboration between large companies and SMEs, and demonstrated new, high-tech K-Beauty products.

The Amorepacific Corporation is engaged in a variety of corporate social responsibility activities in ASEAN countries, including supporting the Make up Your Life campaign to support the beauty of female cancer patients in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia; flood protection efforts and the Refill Me campaign to protect drinking water in Thailand; the Beauty from Your Culture campaign to preserve Asian traditions and cultures; and the Green Forest campaign to support the planting of 6,000 trees to prevent flooding in Indonesia.

The K-Beauty Experience Zone presented cutting-edge digital fusion technologies, some of which participants could experience for themselves. For example, participants were able to watch how personalized 3D mask packs which reflect individual face topologies and skin types are designed using 3D scans through a smartphone app and then produced by 3D printing.

(4) K-Pop Events – In the final program, Dream Stage presented the story of Nguyễn Thị Thanh Hương, a young Vietnamese woman studying in South Korea. She dreamed of becoming a beauty artist through K-Pop and K-Beauty. Then the K-Pop group Cosmic Girls sang the song “As You Wish” in support of bright futures for students from ASEAN countries and multicultural families. They received an enthusiastic response from the audience.

Minister Park Young-sun emphasized that, “The ten ASEAN countries make up one of the hottest markets for the Korean Wave with a total population of 640 million people, an annual economic growth rate of more than 5 percent, and a large population of people in their 20s and 30s.”

Minister Park continued, “This event will grow the ASEAN nations’ interest in the positive influence of the Korean Wave and showed how K-Beauty presents a unique model for globally shared growth based on the synergies created between the Korean Wave and the young people of the ASEAN countries. This effect will contribute to the joint prosperity of South Korea and the ASEAN countries.”