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ROK government announces “Comprehensive Start-up·Venture Ecosystem Index” for the first time

International Cooperation Division
- “Greatest Number” of unicorn companies with 15 companies -

□ The ROK government released for the first time the “Comprehensive Start-up·Venture Ecosystem Index” that can summarize the overall ecosystem of start-up and venture companies, which are key players in innovative growth

◦ The 2020 comprehensive index recorded 284.7 of such companies, a number that is 2.8 times greater than the base year (2010), showing that the Korean start-up and venture ecosystem has been growing steadily for the past 10 years

□ As of July 19, 2021, the number of unicorn companies in Korea, which serves as evidence of the scale-up of the start-up and venture ecosystem, went up to 15, the highest number in history

◦ New unicorn companies this year include Jikbang, Dunamu, and Kurly
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