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Venture Investment and Funds in Korea Reach a “Record High” in the First Half of the Year

International Cooperation Division
- Boom in venture investment based on private-led funds -

□ (Investment) Venture investment in Korea for the first half of 2021 increased by more than 85% compared to the same period from the previous year (+1.4176 trillion won) to 3.073 trillion won, reaching a record high among all first halves recorded in history.

◦ Major industries of the post-COVID era, including ICT services, commerce and services, and bio and medicine industries were key players in the increase in investment for the first half

◦ 61 companies attracted more than 10 billion won each, which is the highest number of companies among all first halves

□ (Fund) There were venture funds formed at the 1 trillion won level for both Q1 and Q2, with a total of 2.7433 trillion won (137 funds) in value of the funds, the highest among all first halves

◦ Fund of Funds was used as a pump primer, and private investment was about 2.6 times higher than the first half of 2020, reaching 2 billion won in only the first half of the year
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