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Open Recruitment of Operators for Tech Investor Programme for Scale-up

Spokesperson's Office
□ Recruitment notice for the "Second operators for Tech Investor Programme for Scale-up” consisting of a consortium between private investment companies (investment sector) and R&D companies (R&D sector)

◦ A total of five operators will be selected, and applications can be submitted through the Comprehensive Management System for Technology Development of Small and Medium Enterprises at (May 12 to June 17).

□ Online and offline briefing sessions will be held (1st session on May 11 and 2nd session on June 3) for private companies such as investment companies, and matching day events for consortium formation will also be held.

◦ The operation direction for 2022 will be explained during the briefing sessions as well as the main types and cases, such as the cooperation structure within the consortium of operators and the profit and loss sharing model.
please see attached