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Make A Visit to Dangjin Traditional Market (1st Win-Win Store)

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On Aug. 17, Kwon Chil-seung, Minister of SMEs and Startups, visited the Chungnam region. This is the 1st 'So Hwak Haeng' (Plain but Sure Move)' of minister Kwon to communicate with local SMEs and microenterprises, addressing difficulties in the field through reflecting on policies. The minister visited the Dangjin Traditional Market where E-Mart's 'No Brand Win-Win Store' was located for the first time in the country, and looked around the market stores, checking the win-win cases between E-Mart's No Brand and the traditional market. Minister Kwon said, "The Dangjin Traditional Market was very impressive as a best practice of overcoming the difficulties of the traditional market through coexistence rather than competition with large retailers."

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