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Visit Ridi, A Unicorn Company

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Kwon Chil-seung, the Minister of SMEs and Startups, paid a visit to Ridi Corp. to offer a gift in honor of the company's unicorn status since 2021 and carefully listen to its employees' concerns and opinions so that he could reflect them on the future policy.

Ridi Corporation is a leading content platform business, well known for its "Ridi Books", a comprehensive content platform of webtoons, webnovels, and ebooks, as well as "Manta", a global subscription-based webtoon service.

The Minister focused on the company's know-how and the histroy of becoming a unicorn merely two years after MSS selected it as "the Pre-unicorn Special Guarantee Company."

Mr. Kwon proclaimed his determination to provide systemic support to Korean ventures and startups from the early stages since the world is paying attention to the so-called "K-contents."

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