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A Gathering with the Director General of the UN FAO and Startups in Food and Agriculture Products

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Kwon Chil-seung, the Minister of SMEs and Startups, attended a UN FAO meeting on Korean SMEs in the food and agriculture industry. The UN FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, is an international institution that focuses on addressing problems such as food insecurity, rural development, and hunger.

Following the visit of Qu Dongyu, the Director General of the UN FAO, the gathering was held to strengthen cooperation between the international body and the Korean government and its startups in the sustainable food and agriculture industry.

Mr. Dongyu emphasized that it is highly important for us to come up with new measures and achieve innovation in order to address global challenges such as climate change and food insecurity.

"FAO wishes to enhance collaboration with various parties, including the Korean government and startups, and hopes to jointly achieve a transition to a sustainable food system based on the Korea's IT industry", said the Director General.  

Mr. Kwon welcomed the proposal and responded that we are already witnessing efforts to resolve the food crisis by combining the latest technologies with the food and agriculture sectors.

He added, "My ministry will proactively support the Korean enterprises so that they can provide adaptable solutions to the global challenges, going beyond addressing Korea's own issues."

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